Our Mission

Hope Quest was founded with the intention to inspire and empower young people by educating them about how to improve their mental well being through the arts and nature.

One of our team out in nature to support their well being

Improving Well Being

Our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions are what define us, what separates us from other creatures. Caring for ourselves mentally and physically enable us to live our lives to the fullest we can.

Picture of our founder out in nature, creating art pieces

Nature and Art

In today's world, we have lost our appreciation for nature and the arts, meaning we have also forgotten the power it has in improving our well being. Reengaging in nature and the arts is reengaging in our own well being.

Short Guides

Short Guides

We create free, quick and easy to access, short guides about nature, arts, and well being. These guides intend to help you develop personal and professional skills, as well as engage in new hobbies!



Our resources are much more detailed and combined versions of our short guides, created to give you in depth looks into topics and to use as teaching aids to educate others.

Partner Organisations:



CodElevate are a student led organisation, based in the US, that strives to eliminate disparities in tech education by partnering with educational and community facilities to design and organise workshops for young people.

We are so honoured to partner with this wonderful organisation and look forward to working together to support young people on a global scale!

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